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K24A2 Reflashed ECU


$ 379.00
K24A2 Reflashed ECU

If you’re looking to get your K24A2 swapped Miata up and running easily and reliably, our new reflashed K series ECU is for you. You can download instructions and setup parameters here. If you'd like the idle air control valve enabled (IACV), you'll need to add our IACV kit to your swap. 

We’ve done extensive tuning with stock K24A2 engines (2004-2008 Acura TSX) and now offer some of our tunes pre-programmed into a factory ECU. We’ve adjusted ignition timing, cam angle, air/fuel ratios, and lowered the VTEC crossover to optimize power and fuel economy.

This product includes a used K series ECU. Just select which header you're using for your build, and we’ll flash an ECU to your specs and ship it out. Most customers see 210-225whp and 180wtq, depending on intake and exhaust setups used. 

At any time, if you'd like to change parameters on your ECU, we'll adjust it for free, you just pay shipping. 

If you’d like full engine management down the road, just order the KTunerECU board and ship us your ECU. We'll install and ship it back to you for no extra cost. 

Sorry, at this time we are only offering ECU reflashes for the K24A2. If you choose to use another engine, we recommend a dyno tune.

As of February 2017, all ECUs ship with our clear ECU cover with the etched KMiata logo, free of charge. 



  1. In order to run this ECU, you must use a the KMiata Element spec conversion harness, as well as a 2003-2006 Element engine harness, charge harness and A/F sensor.
  2. A 50 degree VTC gear is required to run our reflashed ECU with a K24A2. If you are running a 2004-2005 engine, a Tractuff 40 degree limiter pin must also be installed in the gear to protect against the possibility of piston to valve contact.
  3. All tunes are done with factory 310cc injectors with fuel pressure at 60 psi. NB Miatas have an in-tank regulator set to 60 psi from the factory. NA Miata owners will need to run an external fuel pressure regulator and gauge, and set fuel to 60 psi.
  4. All tunes are optimized for use with a Skunk2 Ultra Street intake manifold, 70mm throttle body, 3" intake piping, and 3" exhaust.
  5. Since every engine and setup is a bit different, we recommend adding an air/fuel gauge to verify that your car’s air/fuel ratios are in a safe range with our tune.
  6. To run correctly, your TPS needs to be calibrated according to the factory Honda procedure.

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