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74mm Throttle Body (B series)

$ 155.00
74mm Throttle Body (B series)

We're pleased to bring this updated 74mm throttle body to our product line!

After reports of the Skunk2 throttle body springs coil-binding and sticking open, we began searching for a new option to recommend to our customers. 

This OEM-style cast design, as well as appropriately-sized spring, brings improved drivebility, but also improves clearance between the throttle body and alternator, thanks to this part not having all of the extra unnecessary water ports on the bottom like others on the market. It's a true plug-and-play piece, with no cutting or grinding needed.

Additionally, this throttle body is a 74mm (vs. the 70mm we previously carried). To accommodate the additional bore size, we have revised our throttle body adapter to included a tapered opening that steps the 74mm gradually down to 71mm to fit the Ultra Street manifold perfectly. 

Why a B series throttle body for a K series?  

First, most aftermarket K series throttle bodies are considerably more expensive, and do the exact same thing as their B series counterparts.  

Secondly, the B series throttle body allows you to use the cheap, reliable Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) from any B/H/D/F series Honda.  The K series TPS is known for high cost and constant failures, which has been our experience over the last few years of K series development.  

This throttle body includes an idle adjustment screw, and can also be paired with our remote IACV block if you'd prefer to retain factory idle function.

A throttle body gasket and TPS gasket are also included, along with all mounting bolts.   

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