Miata Differential Mount for PPF Delete

$ 299.00
Miata Differential Mount for PPF Delete

This is a bolt-in solution for securing the front of a 94-05 Miata 1.8 diff with the PPF (power plant frame) removed on an NA or NB Miata. No fabrication is needed like other options on the market. And unlike most homebrew solutions, our setup also incorporates a 88A poly bushing to help reduce vibration and noise. This is the perfect mount to pair with our Getrag 260 5-speed and ZF 6-speed transmission upgrade kits.

The lower subframe brace is made of 1x2.5” steel bar, and the upper mount is machined out of 6061 aluminum. Everything is powdercoated or anodized to prevent corrosion, and all necessary zinc plated hardware is supplied. The aluminum mount is machined so the poly bushing sits at a 1.5 degree angle, which provides OEM driveline geometry.

This front differential mount must be paired with upgraded rear differential bushings made of polyurethane or Delrin. 

Additionally, if you plan to launch the car hard in a drag racing or autocross setting, we recommend reinforcing the right differential arm, as Mazda designed this part to crack in an impact. Miata diff arms have been reinforced for years with weld-on aluminum plates. We now offer the first bolt-in solution with our differential arm reinforcement plates. Add Energy poly rear bushings and reinforcement plates to your order and receive discounted package pricing. 

Note that this product includes a lower brace that only fits NB subframes, and must be paired with the 99-00 style rear subframe brace (or a modified 01-05 brace). 

A brace for the 1.8L NA rear subframe (94-97) will be available shortly as well. Sorry, 90-93 owners will need to swap the rear subframe to a newer version since the 1.6L cars did come come with any subframe mount provisions.

All NA and NB subframes mount to the chassis at the same points and have the same suspension geometry, so swapping rear subframes is straightforward, especially with the differential already removed from the vehicle.

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