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Electric Power Steering Kit

$ 975.00
Electric Power Steering Kit

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Our bolt-in Electric Power Steering (EPS) system is the cleanest and most reliable way to add power steering to a K swapped Miata, or any other modified Miata that can no longer run the factory hydraulic power steering.

This power steering module is installed underneath your NA or NB Miata dash and eliminates traditional hydraulic power steering components like pumps, lines, fluid, and reservoirs. The complete EPS system only weighs 12 pounds.

In order to provide customers with a truly bolt-in solution, your old steering column core must be returned to us. This allows us to provide you with a column that’s already been modified to accept our EPS unit without any fabrication required.

Additionally, the steering feel of this EPS system is tunable to each user’s preference. Just mount the supplied adjustment knob on your dash and turn one way for lighter steering and the other way for a heavier feel.

When you place your order, you’ll be contacted with shipping instructions for your column. If you’d prefer to have your kit shipped before we receive your core, we’ll invoice you for a $199 core charge, which will be refunded once your good condition core is returned.

Complete installation instructions can be downloaded here.

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