Miata Meetup

The Second Annual Miata Meetup 2020 is scheduled for the full weekend of May 30-31! Registration opens on Friday, January 24th at 1:00 PM CST and tickets will sell out fast! 



This Miata-based grassroots event is designed to bring beginners and advanced drivers together to share in a ton of fun, lots of track time, and quality driver education, all centered around our love of the Miata.

Drivers can expect two hours of seat time each day, broken down into six 20 minute sessions each day.

Everyone is welcome to come hang out and enjoy the event even if you don't want to drive on track! Dinner is provided on Saturday night with all driver tickets, and vendors and select advanced drivers will be giving ride-alongs all weekend.

For 2020, we are adding a K24Z3 Ultimate Swap Package to the raffle, along with tons of other cool prizes from our vendors! Raffle tickets are $5 each and we are limiting raffle ticket sales to a total of 1000. If we sell out of tickets, we'll even throw a 3" stainless exhaust system into the grand prize. You can pre-order raffle tickets anytime on the event registration page. Don't miss out!

We're looking forward to selling out this event again for 2020. Registration opens 1/24 for early bird pricing of $329 for both Saturday and Sunday. The regular price of $379 goes into affect on 4/1, and we will also open up one day driver tickets at that time.

THIS IS A MIATA ONLY EVENT. You must be driving a 1990-2020 MX5 Miata. Only instructors will be allowed to run a non Miata. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS made to this rule in the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced groups, and no refunds given.

If your Miata is not ready for the event, please do not show up with another vehicle and expect to get on track.

Miata based kit cars like the Exocet are allowed.


Don't delay, REGISTER NOW for the Midwest's premier Miata gathering!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that's not listed? Email us at miatameetup@gmail.com


Q:  When will the schedule be released?

A:  The schedule will be posted by March 1.


Q:  What about tech inspections?

A:  We will have tech inspections on ALL vehicles that will be on track for the weekend. Tech begins Friday night and will also be available Saturday morning. We recommend coming early so you aren't stuck in a long line. We have a tech form that MUST be turned in at registration (download here). If you have any safety questions, please reach out to us before the event. Also, please do not hesitate to ask any questions of staff before getting on track.


Q:  Does my car have to have a roll bar / cage?

A:  NA and NB chassis requires a 4 point roll bar minimum. Drivers should be able to pass the “broomstick” test with a helmet on to be sure their head is below the bar when driving. NC and ND chassis do not require an aftermarket rollbar. A hardtop does not constitute rollover protection. “Style” bars are prohibited in any chassis.


Q:  What kind of helmet do I need?

A:  SA2010 and above are acceptable. DOT/motorcycle helmets are NOT allowed.


Q:  How old do you have to be to drive on track?

A:  Drivers must be at least 18 with a valid driver’s license


Q:  Can I give my buddy / wife / kid / friend a ride in my car?

A:  Passengers are allowed with Advance and Instructor groups only.


Q:  How do vendor ride-a-longs work?

A:  All ride-alongs must obtain a $5 passenger band that can be purchased at the KMiata tent.


Q:  What time do gates open?

A:  Exact times will be TBD


Q:  I purchased a ticket but found out I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?

A:  Tickets are non refundable, however they are transferable with prior approval from the admins.


Q:  What happens if it rains?

A:  Miata Meetup is a rain or shine event. Come prepared.


Q:  Is there a charge for spectators?

A:  No, spectators are free and encouraged to join!


Q:  Can I share a car with someone?

A:  If both drivers are running in the same run group, the cost is $50 for the additional driver (1 full price + $50). This applies to Advance and Intermediate only. Sharing a car in the Beginner group is not permitted.  If you are running one car in 2 separate run groups, i.e., Beginner and Advanced, full price for each driver applies and requires 2 separate registrations. Please email us if you plan on sharing a car in the same run group.


Q:  Can I wear my muscle shirt on track?

A:  If you are driving and / or riding in a car, you must have long pants, closed toe shoes, and a shirt that includes some kind of sleeves. Save the tank tops, short shorts, crocs and mesh shirts for the paddock.