Why KMiata?

Why should I choose a K series engine over other engine swaps or boost?

This answer is simple:

The K series is the most potent naturally-aspirated four cylinder engine ever mass-produced. With our basic bolt-on upgrades and a tune, these engines come alive like no other four cylinder. Most customers see over 220whp and an 8000+ RPM redline with a stock K24A2, and we already have customers making 300+whp N/A with simple engine builds using off-the-shelf parts. 

The K series combines dual lobe DOHC VTEC, variable valve timing, an impressively high-flowing cylinder head, and large 2.4L displacement, so enthusiasts receive the ultimate engine package that delivers a wide linear powerband that feels right at home in the Miata.

No compromises were made in the design of our KMiata swap kit. Factory ground clearance and steering geometry are retained. Weight is dropped, not added. Our kit re-works your engine bay from the ground up, instead of patching your swap together around factory components that are better replaced.

All horsepower isn’t created equal. If you’re looking for lightweight, high-revving, reliable N/A power, the KMiata swap is your solution to maximize the performance potential of your Miata.