K Series Miata Conversion Kit


$ 3,750.00
K Series Miata Conversion Kit

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You can now view and download our full installation guide.

Interested in one big package with all the extras included? Check our our new Ultimate K24 Miata Swap Package.

Our K series conversion kit give you the ultimate Miata engine swap package with no compromises in performance. Specifically, our kit:

  • Retains OEM Miata steering geometry
  • Retains factory Miata ground clearance
  • Drops weight from the front of the vehicle
  • Can handle all the road racing abuse you can give it


This kit provides you with all key components to bolt a K20 or K24 into your 1990-2005 Miata.  All products are proudly made in the USA.  

This conversion kit includes all of the following items:

-Engine/transmission adapter plate, built of 1/2" zinc-plated steel

-Aluminum flywheel that accepts all Miata 1.8 clutch kits (13.5 lbs.)

-Tubular steel subframe, powdercoated

-Steel engine mounts, powdercoated, with 62A bushings

-Baffled steel oil pan

-Type S oil pump adapter and pickup tube

-Wiring conversion harness with built in relays and OBD2 port



-Detailed installation guide


 Doing a K24 swap in an NA? The K20 clears the stock hood, but a K24 is about a half inch too tall. If you don't want to cut your hood, we recommend this hood from our friends at Treasure Coast Miata. They made a street version with headlight cutouts, as well as the race version to deleted headlights. All NB hoods clear both the K20 and K24 without issue.

Note: The engine mounts included in this kit are performance-oriented and designed to limit engine movement. The additional stiffness may result in a slight increase in NVH (noise, vibration, harshness), but can withstand years of hard driving as a result.

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