K swap Idler Pulley and Belt Setup


$ 79.00
K swap Idler Pulley and Belt Setup

By popular demand, we have decided to offer our 4 pulley belt setup to our customers. Let us help you reduce the parts hunting with this convenient package.

Previously, our customers had to track down and test different belts, pulleys, and spacers to find a belt setup that would clear a RWD throttle body position. Now we’re pleased to offer you our solution that we have been running since 2013.

This belt setup deletes A/C, power steering, and the OEM K series tensioner and idler to make the necessary clearance needed for the swap.

The kit includes the following list of OEM, aftermarket, and custom parts:

  • 7 rib idler pulley
  • 7 rib belt
  • A custom machined spacer
  • OEM Honda bearing collar
  • OEM Honda pulley bearing cover
  • Mounting bolt
  • Alternator spacers

Note that we supply you with the proper size belt for a K24 crank pulley. If you choose to run a smaller K20 pulley, you'll need to source a different belt.

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