OEM LuK Clutch Kit - BMW E46


$ 195.00
OEM LuK Clutch Kit - BMW E46

LuK is the OEM clutch supplier for many BMW applications, including the E46. Because of this, we are able to offer our customers an OEM-quality clutch option that’s very economical.

This E46 clutch kit shares the same pressure plate and 240mm disc as both the E46 M3 and E39 M5, so it’s able to handle 400 ft/lbs.

BMW uses dual mass flywheels in these vehicles, so this clutch kit features an unsprung organic clutch disc. Engagement is smooth thanks to the organic full face disc, but is also quick because of the solid center. This is perfect for race cars as well as street drivers who don’t mind a quicker engagement and a bit of extra chatter at idle. This is the exact setup we run in our NB.

For those wanting a true street car feel, we also offer the option to upgrade to an ACT sprung disc. This provides true OEM clutch engagement and pedal feel.

Note that the OEM E46 pressure plate has a Self Adjusting Clutch feature (SAC). As the disc wears, the pressure plate adjusts height. If the pressure plate has to be removed for service for any reason, it needs to be reset on a shop press before it can be re-installed. If you’re looking to eliminate this feature to improve serviceability, upgrade to the ACT HD street clutch and pressure plate.

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