S2000 Intake Manifold Adapter


$ 199.00
S2000 Intake Manifold Adapter

In order to supply customers with an inexpensive intake manifold option, we offer a ¾” thick 6061 aluminum intake manifold adapter.  The S2000 manifold works well for mostly stock engines, or those with upgraded cams.  Any S2000 or B series throttle body can be used, which allows you to avoid using an expensive or unreliable K series TPS.  OEM S2000 360cc injectors and fuel rail also can be used with this setup.

This adapter also allows clearance for an OEM K series pulley setup using the popular EP3 idler pulley.  

Instructions are included for removing the EGR from the manifold, and making some small modifications to the manifold and fuel rail to allow for proper fitment.  

*Please note: this adapter only works with 00-05 S2000 manifolds that use a throttle cable (no drive by wire).  Please check with us if you have any questions when purchasing a manifold.  

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