Throttle Body Adapter - Version 2

$ 115.00
Throttle Body Adapter - Version 2

The Skunk2 Ultra Street manifold is our favorite solution for the K series Miata swap. This manifold's plenum can be unbolted and flipped upside-down, making it perfect for a RWD vehicle.

However, in order to make this manifold truly plug-and-play, we had to design this throttle body adapter and throttle cable bracket. Since an upside-down K series throttle body won’t fit, our adapter allows you to run a B series throttle body in its place, with the proper orientation. In addition, our adapter features:

  • A Miata-specific throttle cable bracket (designed for the shorter NB cables)
  • K series MAP sensor port
  • B series throttle body bolt pattern so you can use the reliable B/D/H/F style TPS

Our Version 2 adapter is now designed to accommodate our new 74mm throttle body. The inlet is tapered from 74mm to 71mm, allowing a 74mm throttle body to adapt to the Ultra Street manifold. 

Want to retain the factory K series idle air control valve (IACV)? Check out our remote IACV block here

This adapter solution takes the guesswork out of installing this manifold and throttle body combo in your Miata.

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