About Us

In 2013 we created the original K series Miata engine conversion. It was an idea that was kicked around on the forums for years just waiting for someone to take on the challenge. 

The KMiata swap delivers in the form of impressive, naturally-aspirated, four cylinder power that the Miata community has longed for. And while the K series has been given rear-wheel-drive treatment in the past, the Miata conversion is something special.  

With the strongest 4 cylinder Honda engine and lightweight Miata chassis at its disposal, the KMiata conversion pairs the best of both worlds and proves to be a fast, reliable and affordable all-around package to suit the needs of performance driving and track enthusiasts alike.

As our operation has continued to grow, many of our high-quality swap components are now being CNC machined in-house. Our product line has also expanded to include BMW transmission upgrade kits and much more. 

When you purchase a KMiata product, you're receiving top-quality components that have been designed and tested by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. We don't sell anything that we don't run on our own cars.

Together we can help you build the ultimate Miata!