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NEW! Ultimate K24Z3 Miata Swap Package

$ 4,295.00
NEW! Ultimate K24Z3 Miata Swap Package

Product photos coming soon!

The long-awaited K24Z3 swap kit is finally available for pre-order! If you’re not familiar with this new option from KMiata, review our recent blog post here. Estimated ship time for the first batch of kits is November 2019, and the exhaust components will likely ship closer to the end of the year. Quantities are limited so reserve yours today.

If you’re undecided if a K24Z3 swap or our original K24A2 swap is best suited to your goals, check out this comparison

The Ultimate K24Z3 Swap Package is designed to give customers the parts they need to complete the most straightforward swap in a 1990-2005 Miata using all of the proven components in our K24Z3 test car. If you’re looking to use a standalone, a drive by wire throttle body, a turbocharger, or a BMW transmission, we recommend our K24Z3 Basic Swap Kit or our K24Z3 Race Swap Kit.

This package includes:

-K series to Miata transmission adapter plate

-K series to Miata flywheel

-Machined engine mounts

-Engine mount pads

-Baffled aluminum oil pan with pickup tube

-KMiata K20 oil pump adapter

-Hydraulic clutch release bearing with clutch lines (5 or 6-speed)

-Wilwood ¾” master cylinder kit

-KMiata RWD intake manifold

-OEM intake manifold gasket and hardware

-74mm throttle body and cable bracket

-Wiring conversion harness

-K24Z3 upper coolant neck

-Slim flywheel dust cover

-Serpentine belt

-Billet aluminum timing chain cover for K24A crank sensor

-3” downpipe with flex

-Optional upgrade: full 3” exhaust system with resonator and muffler

Installation instructions will be available for download before all swap kits ship!

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